Las Cruces

It’s all about FUN.  This intense competition over rugged terrain will be sure to serve up some of the most exciting running of the year.  The course is designed to be fun and doable for everyone.  You’ll finish with a smile on your face and feeling like a champion!

Whether you’re running or just a fan that shows up to witness the best racing running has to offer be sure to stay for Runner Carnival.  Kids will also enjoy Runner Carnival as there will be blow up toys, food, drinks, prizes, and lots of entertainment for everyone.

Come check out the new vibe, and all the action, and register to flat out race to be the fastest runner or team to the finish.

3 Person Relay

(9 laps)

Grab two other friends and get ready for fast hand-offs, screaming, yelling, taunting and probably some friendly competitive bumping as your team does 9  laps.

Teams must consist of 3 people – Men’s, Women’s or Coed.

Each runner completes 1 lap and hands-off to one of his/her teammates.  This means lots of handoffs!  They then have a chance to catch their breath, cheer their teammates on, and strategize before getting ready for their 2nd or 3rd hand-off and lap around the track!

Here’s the breakdown:

Runner 1: Laps 1, 4, 7
Runner 2: Laps 2, 5, 8
Runner 3: Laps 3, 6, 9

Individual Race

(3 laps)

Here’s your chance to shine all alone on the podium stand!  You get to experience the starting gate, the checkered flag, and three fun-filled nonstop laps.  Don’t feel bad if you have to take a pit stop.  This 5K is intense!  But that’s what you expect, you want to prove yourself and that’s why you want to do it alone!

Runner Carnival

Picture this: Your friends just came to watch you and some of your other friends complete this insane race. Afterwards you all get together and watch the between heats professional motocrossers hit some huge jumps. You then hit the slip-n-slide, the barrel racing, hamster wheel, Short Track Sprint, all while getting lots of swag from our sponsors, sucking down an otter pop or two and listening to some amazing music. You get the idea! Come to conquer the course. Stay to enjoy Runner Carnival.


It’s what a mud run is all about

A thrilling offroad footrace held on a super sweet multi-loop track infused with eye popping obstacles , mud, water, and super fun twists and turns.

RunnerCross is the most spectator friendly running event on the planet. Every step of the race can be viewed from 360 degrees around the track…Or watch it from one of our spectator infields.



8:00 am Individual Start with a heat every hour one the hour.  Max of 500 in each heat

10:00 am Team Relay Start