Just 45 mins East of downtown Anaheim.  Lies one of the sickest Motocross tracks in the U.S. and you have the chance to to experience it Runner Style! We are kickstarting the season in LA on April 28th .  This intense competition over rugged terrain will have some of the most exciting racing of the year.

Perris MX is already a great track.  We’re making a few changes and making it the perfect course for you and thousands of other runners.  Obstacles you’ve always dreamed about getting to jump, crawl, and climb over.  Great things like hay bales,  Steeplechase water hazards,  Water Misters, logs, bridges, equestrian bushes, and of course the jumps!

This is the best and most memorable way for you to get ready for SUMMER!

Individual 5K Race (Start Time: 9 am)

(3 laps)

Here’s your chance to shine all alone on the podium stand!  You get to experience the starting gate, the checkered flag, and three fun-filled nonstop laps.  Don’t feel bad if you have to take a pit stop.  This 5K is intense!  But that’s what you expect, you want to prove yourself and that’s why you want to do it alone!

Team 5K

If you want to run with a bunch of  friends (2-432 people) and enjoy each obstacle together than sign up with a team name.  Your friends can all sign up with the same team name and this will guarantee that you all start at the same time.

3 Person 15K Relay (Start Time: 10 am)

(9 laps)

Grab two other friends and get ready for fast hand-offs, screaming, yelling, taunting and probably some friendly competitive bumping as your team does 9  laps.

Relay Team must consist of 3 people – Men’s, Women’s or Coed.

Each runner completes 1 lap and hands-off to one of his/her teammates.  This means lots of handoffs!  They then have a chance to catch their breath, cheer their teammates on, and strategize before getting ready for their 2nd or 3rd hand-off and lap around the track!

Here’s the breakdown:

Runner 1: Laps 1, 4, 7
Runner 2: Laps 2, 5, 8
Runner 3: Laps 3, 6, 9

Individual Ultra 15K (Start Time: 10 am)

This is just like the Relay but solo!  Yes, you are hard core!


Little Mudders (Start Time: 12 pm Noon)

The kids mud run will be a 1K on their very own pee-wee track.  Very Spectator friendly and great for pictures of a wet, muddy, kid. It will include many of the same obstacles but on a much smaller scale.  The track will still have mud pits, slip’n slides, tires, hay bale’s, and all sorts of miniature obstacles they can run/crawl through and over.  This is what childhood is all about-getting dirty. Mud- It Does a Body (and Soul) Good.

Price:   $10

The following prices are valid until 11:59pm* on January 31, 2012

Tuesday:       $42


The following prices are valid until 11:59pm* on February 29 , 2012
Wednesday:     $52

The following prices are valid until 11:59* on March 31, 2012

Saturday:    $58

The following prices are valid until 11:59pm* on April 21, 2012

Saturday:     $63


Week of race registration space permitting:       $65

Procrastinators week of race registration does not guarantee a shirt or mud   😆


Perris MX

1205 Burton Road, Perris, CA 92570


Map To Perris MX

All entry fee payments are final and non-refundable.