How hard is the course? This course has amazing obstacles and hills but we’ve designed it so that everyone can complete it.  If there is an obstacle that is too hard than you can go around it.  It will take a lot more time though. Simply put, It’s perfect for whatever your skill level is!

What if it Rains? C’mon rain=mud.  If it rains  the muddier the course will be.  It will slow your time down, but lets face it most people aren’t running RunnerCross for time.  Unless your in the 3 team really.  Rain or shine the race goes on.

What kind of shoes should I wear? Most people will wear old trail running shoes.  Just make sure to     tie them tight before the race so they don’t get stuck in the mud.  We also have a donation pile at the end of the race that goes to charity.  Anyone that wishes to give away their old pair of running shoes.

Can I wear goggles? We advise against googles.  They ten to fall of and make the race harder.  Also contacts can be bad as water and mud get everywhere and can cause irritation to your eyes.

How hard is Little Mudders? Little Mudders get their own 1K track.  The course is very easy but still fun.  There are no water hazards or fire in the kids race.

Are there showers? Yes we have showers but the line can get pretty long.  So please be patient.

Will my clothes be ruined? The mud stains usually wash out.  Some will have to wash their clothes more than once.  Whites are harder to get clean but are better for muddy pictures.  Bring a towel and a bag to put your cloths in for the car ride home.

Do you offer refunds? No there are no refunds. If you are injured before race day you can volunteer and we will give you a free entry to the next race of your choice.

Can we take pictures? Absolutly.  RunnerCross is perfect for pictures.  Each track has a 360 view. We will take professional pictures at the race as well.  Anyone that wants to purchase pictures from our photographers can.  We will also post pictures on Facebook and our website after each race.

Is there a parking fee? Please, we are not trying to nickel and dime you.  Parking is FREE and RunnerCross is FREE to watch.

If I have a question where can I get support? Email us at info@runnercross.com or you can send us a message on Facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/RunnerCross

How do I register? You can register on the home page by clicking on the register button found in the top right corner.

What do I get with my entry? A finishers medal, shirt, sticker, and a goodie bag filled with swag stickers and discounts to future RunnerCross events.

Is there an age requirement? You must be at least 10 years old to run the 5k.  Max age is 102. Little mudders are for ages 3-12.  Unless you have an extremely athletic 2 year old then shoot us an email at info@runnercross.com

Do I get a discount for being in the military or a veteran? Yes. You get $10 dollars off.

Is there are deadline for registration? Yes, you must register the day before the race, space permitting.

Can I register by mail or phone? We are sorry but all registrants must register online.

Can I register for a race that is sold out? No, sorry once a race slot is sold out we can not add any more participants to that race.  You can still register for another time slot that is not full yet.  Hint 8 O’clock and 9 O’clock sell out quicker than other time slots.

Can we add people to our team after registration? Yes just have them enter their team name and time slot when registering.

Can I switch my registration from individual to team? Yes.  Email us at info@runnercross.com

Can I pick up my packet the day of the race? Yes but please arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled race and bring your signed waiver and registration info.

Will their be medical help? Yes we higher EMT for each event and can radio them at anytime.

Is there a time limit to complete the race? Just show up and have fun.  If it takes you longer to complete the course that just means the longer the fun will be.

Can I skip an obstacle? Yes if you feel an obstacle is to hard or dangerous for you fell free to go around.  Remember RunnerCross is the muddiest fun on earth.  We are not trying to kill you.